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Steve's Friends

My Friend / Ex Boyfriend Drew

I Met Drew on Thursday 12-23-2004 at Stonewall.  I was sitting on the couch and we began to talk, we had a very nice conversation and then went to the Diner afterwards.  We agreed to meet again the following day, which was Christmas eve, to go shopping together.  We really hit it off right away, we just clicked and I felt like I knew him for years.  Since his family lives out of state we spent Christmas eve together and Christmas day.  My family enjoyed his company and he conducted himself like a perfect gentleman.  It was as if we were going out as boyfriends.  Things moved fast but in a good kind of way.  We then went to Heaven together on Saturday and on the way in agreed that we were dating .    We spent the next few nights together and decided that we were boyfriends by the 27th which was a Monday.  I guess many people would say that we moved very fast, but we don't think we did.  We spoke to each other about our likes and dislikes and have much in common.  We have different interests which make things interesting because he likes to read and is interested in the arts.  I like computers and am interested in technology.  We both make quick accurate decisions, and decided not to beat around the bush and to become boyfriends.  We promised to always be nice to each other and to never cheat along with all the other stuff that comes with being boyfriends.  We broke up on Valentine's day after having a really nice time together.  Basically there was something missing from our relationship that we just can't put our finger on.  We had a great time when we were together, but there was just something missing....  Anyway, we are now the best of friends and always have fun together.

My Friend / Ex Boyfriend DJ

I  met DJ a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day, 2003.  We became boyfriends on Valentine's Day and broke up on 12-14-2004. We almost made it 2 years.  He is now my Best Friend. We get along much better as friends than boyfriends.

We really hit it off when we first met.  What I like most about him is that he is a gentleman and he is well rounded. 

DJ loves to dance.  He spends lots of time training as an ammature Ballroom Dancer in a studio among a few other places.  Dancing is very important to him.  He has planned a bright future for himself, he wants to become a teacher.  I just know that he will succeed because he is very ambitious. 

So far we have had lots of fun together since we met with the exception of the last 2 months before we broke up.  I look forward to having more fun with him in the future as we move on in life together.


My Best Friend Anthony

I've known Anthony since 10-22-1999.  We went out for about a year and a half and then became Best Friends.   
His favorite question is "can I ask you a question?". 
He had been with his boyfriend Mark for about 3 years after we broke up and now is with Anthony for about a year.. 
He's always the prankster and wise ass and that's what I love about him. 

My Best Friend Joey

I've known Joey for a very long time.  He is a great friend.  We enjoy laughing at stupid shit that people do and comparing stories about our very Italian families.  I know Joey since he was a skinny little twink and now he is a Muscular Chelsea boy.
All Three of Us

picture taken before going out and causing a commotion in NYC as usual.

This one taken at my b-day ==>

My close friend ever since that day at Fire Island when it took us 2 hours to get scrambled eggs at Michael's, I threw a chair and he tipped a table.  Since then we have been the best of friends.  All those nights of Mischief we used to get into at the clubs.  Tony and I have been through alot together, and we are always there for each other in time of need.

My little cutie, always helping me out with web-sites and what not.  He's always just so sweet.


Mr. Intelligent.  If you have an intellectual question he's the guy.  Smart, comical, and lots of fun.  He was Anthony's Boyfriend for about 3 years..  We love to tease Anthony about what a pain in the ass he is.


my ex-boyfriend before DJ

I was with Jon from 11-24-2001 to 1-15-2003.  We met at Heaven in New York City and had lots of fun while it lasted.  We lived together and spent lots of time doing romantic things and going out with our friends.

Unfortunately we had to break up so he can experience life as a single guy.  I was his first serious relationship, he learned many things about life and relationships.  I wish him the best of luck in life.

We are now best friends.

Billy Boi

My Loud Friend.  I always tell him to use his inside voice!!    He's lots of fun, very hyper, but has a very sweet quiet side to him too.  I enjoy spending time with him on journeys to the park and other fun activities that he plans.


Mike Coz

Billi Boi's Ex-Boyfriend.  He's a computer guy like me.  We have lots in common and sometimes work together.  When we work together it's non stop laughter and fun.
Mikey Mo

My Deaf friend.  Mikey is always willing to help me out with various outdoor home projects and stuff.  He's fun to be with even though I have to constantly repeat myself, talk loud and not cover my mouth so he can read my lips LOL.  He's another one that loves his car and driving etc... 



Call's me Dad because I always lecture him about his boyfriends and stuff.  We became real close when one of his boyfriends moved into my house and then they broke up and things became awkward because he was still in my house.  Anyway... Thank god that chapter of our lives is over.  Jordan is a sweetie pie, who makes me worry about him because he always gets into mischief.

My Tall Tall Friend.  He's taller than my boyfriend, and that's Tall.  He's the quiet one in the group, but watch him get drunk and oh boy!  He becomes a big mess.  LOL.  It's rare that he gets drunk... We have great times together laughing at stupid things.


My young friend.  He sometimes calls me Dad, when Jordan's around.  Again, it's because I always ask him if he did his homework.  I just want to see him do well in school and get a good job .


He's so kaizy.  I love Matty because he is so spunky and spontaneous.  We always have a great time together. 



I just know too many damn Mark's (just kidding).  This is Fireman Mark, He is a EMT and a Fireman.  He takes his work very seriously.  I love it when we are in the city and a fire truck goes by and he almost breaks his neck and gets all excited. LOL...
He's a very sweet, fun loving person, and we always have a great time hanging out.


One of my Best and closest friends.  I don't know where to begin.... We just have soooo much fun together acting crazy and just goofing around.  We love to go hiking in the woods and hang off cliffs etc... LOL!  He's a great person and one of the sweetest people I know.

Anthony O

One of my new friends.  So far he seems really kewl.  He's smart and cute, what can I say!  We have great conversations about all kinds of stuff.  He loves movies and so does Eric, they get along great and we enjoy his company.